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    Jay Conger

    Prolific Writer, Educator and Leadership Guru

    Spend five minutes with Jay and you know—he is one of those rare leaders who effortlessly embodies paradox. He is the professor and the practitioner. He is the expert and the student. He is the visionary and the pragmatist. Jay serves as the Henry R. Kravis Research Chair in Leadership Studies at Claremont McKenna College and is a visiting professor at London Business School. With numerous books and more than 100 scholarly articles under his belt, he’s recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on leadership. Yet, in describing his work, he talks about himself as a student of leadership. No esoteric, Jay’s advice is grounded in a keen sense of reality: He knows from experience what it takes to actually make something happen in large, complex organizations.

    Most of all, though, sitting with Jay you’re reminded of the joy that comes from doing what you love. He emanates positivity that stems from a simple, but profound belief: “We are all well-equipped.” In this context, leaders’ job is to help people see, express and channel their inherent gifts. It’s that spark of insight that creates and sustains momentum behind your strategy.


    On Leading vs. Managing Change

    The difference between leading and managing is this: Leadership relies on aspirations and energy.


    On Charismatic Communication

    Having vision is not enough. To lead, you must communicate it in a way that inspires action.


    On Momentum

    Your energy is contagious. You will either fuel or kill momentum in how you show up.


    On Language

    The limit on your words is the limit on your influence.


    On Letting Go

    If you are insecure around people who are better than you, you will never be exceptional.


    On Leadership

    Not everyone wants to lead. Not everyone is meant to.


    On Learning

    The best leaders are catalytic learners.