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    Control v. Openness in a Mobile World

    I recently listened to a webinar on empowering the workforce with mobile technology and its impact on employee performance. The webinar reminded me how the flood of new tools – almost 500 million smartphones shipped in 2011 – are changing the way we all do business. Employees are using the technology to redefine their work day as 80 percent of people continue to work after they leave the office; increasing productivity and the number of hours spent on the job.

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    Introducing the Social Intranet

    Social media has generated a flurry of organizational buzzwords and catch phrases — collaboration, enterprise 2.0, knowledge share, cloud computing, community, online reputation, social CRM, crowd sourcing… and the list goes on and on. One of the phrases that you hear more and more frequently is actually one that has been around for quite some […]

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    What Do Employees Really Want?

    In our third annual Employee Engagement study, which APCO Worldwide conducts with our friends at Gagen MacDonald, we chose to focus on the influence of social media on employee engagement in the workplace. Maril MacDonald recently wrote about the importance of executive leadership in internal communications broadly and internal social media (ISM) specifically. […]

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    Creative Disruption

    Stephanie Pace Marshall describes the type of environment needed to nurture innovation as “messy, non-linear, non-predictive,” which seemingly goes against the grain of traditional top-down corporate and leadership models. So is there a way for organizations and leaders to unleash the creative talent and energy of their people in a way that provides – […]

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    Equilibrium is a State of Mind

    Do you remember the movie A Beautiful Mind ? It told the story of John Nash, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on

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    Follow the Follower

    In my life, the power of the Let Go and Lead presents itself most vividly in the time I dedicate to writing and producing sketch comedy revues around Chicago.
    For a writer, the production of a sketch comedy show is a process of continuously diminishing control. This sounds negative, but it’s not.
    When an idea for a […]

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