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    Letting go does not mean abdicating responsibility. Just the opposite, it requires a different, and in many ways tougher mantle of leadership. As Dan Pink noted in one of our first conversations, it’s easy to dangle a carrot in front of someone. It’s easy to threaten people into compliance with the proverbial “stick.” Helping people move toward mastery, infusing the workplace with a sense of purpose, allowing room for self-direction, and giving people more autonomy in their jobs—well, that’s harder.

    To help you get started in putting put these ideas to practice, we’ve created an introductory Leader Discussion Guide to support each interview. You can download the guide and the corresponding video clips directly from this site and use the tools to hold a conversation with your team. Each Leader Discussion Guide includes:

    • Questions for Individual Reflection for you to prepare to meet with your team.
    • A Group Exercise that can be tailored to your specific needs, but is meant to encourage meaningful conversation around the concepts raised by our thought leaders.

    So try it out! Let us know how the conversation goes. Please share new insights from your team with the broader community. And, let us know if you need help!